SS – Week 2 – Day5A

Monday, February 1st, 2016 – 57 deg F, cloudy

Jump Rope
Agile 8
Squats:  3x5x45 + 3×50 + 2×75 + 3x5x125
Deadlifts: 2x5x65 + 5×95 + 3×115 + 5×135
Incline DB Press: 10@25 + 10@30 + 10@35
Seated DB Overhead Triceps Press:  10@35 + 10@40 + 10@45

Welcome February!  What in the world happened to Wednesday and Friday last week?  I’m only in the second week trying to get back into the rhythm of things and already I’m suffering from I-have-a-bs-excuse-not-to-go-to-the-gym syndrome.  Anyway…I’m back into it starting today.  Benches were being used so I resorted to doing some db presses, incline and overhead extensions.

Squats and deadlifts were a little bit more taxing than usual today.  I’m still going up in increments of 10lbs session to session.  I think I’m going to definitely feel the heaviness of the quick ramp up in weights very very soon.  And soon as in probably within the next week or week and a half.


5/3/1 Cycle 1 Week 2 Bench, Squat, Deadlift

10×65 / 5×95
3×115 / 3×125 / 3×140

Bench was pretty heavy.  Thumbless grip.  Trying to figure out why the load is more concentrated on the right arm.  Frustrating.

5xBar / 3×95 / 3×115
3×140 / 3×160 / 3×180

Warm-up set was pretty painful for the right shoulder.  Will need to do mobility exercises prior to get the shoulders prepped for low bar position.  Interestingly…I decided to narrow my grip width by a lot and it actually lessened impingement on the shoulder.  Usually, it’s the other way around due to lack of shoulder flexibility.  This also allowed me to have a more upright position and avoid doing a good morning on the positive.  Lowered lower back engagement so no sore back.

3×155 / 3×175 / 3×205

Pretty solid on these.  Was very happy to do these again.  Deadlifts are by far my favorite of the compound lifts.

Seated DB Press:  10×35 / 8×35 / 6×35

Somehow did worse on these than previous db pressing.

Chinups:  3 / 2.5 / 2.5 / 2 / 1.5 / 1.5

Actually did the other 4 sets.  These felt very strong.  No doubt getting some help from the curls.

Incline Bench:  8×85 / 6×85 / 4×85

Struggled with these a lot.  Again, same issue with regular benching, right lats, triceps and upper chest were getting more strained than left side.

Preacher Curls:  3x10x40

Pretty easy, struggled from fatigue on the last set, but I think I can get up to 50 for next time.

DB Bench:  3x10x35

Pretty easy as well.  Not sure of the dumb bell path, was using a pretty narrow path.  May go a bit wider to get more of the pecs involved.

DB Rows:  3x10x45

Pretty fatigued by the end of the session, but managed to complete all sets.  Was jerking a bit on the last few reps of the last set

5/3/1 Cycle 1 Week 2 Press

5×55 / 5×65 / 5×75

Kept the elbows under the bar instead of too far forward.  Helped dramatically with applying more force on the bar and getting the overhead much easier.  Also less strain on the wrists, trying to keep the bar at the base of the palm

Bench: 5x8x80

Felt unbalanced load on the bench.  Probably arching back too much.

Chinups:  2

Forgot to do the other 4 sets, doh!

Incline Press:  8×85 / 8×85 / 6×85

Pretty hard at 85lbs.  Also felt unbalanced load doing these.

DB Rows:  10×45 / 2x10x50

Pretty easy.  Decided to go up to 50lbs for the 2nd and 3rd sets.  Focusing on eliminating the use of momentum.

Seated DB Press:  3x10x35

Not bad.  Getting the dumbbells up on the last set was a little difficult.

BB Curls:  2x10x40 / 8×40

Supersetted these with the dumbbell press.  Struggled getting through the sets, but finished to failure.

5×3 Bench Cycle – Week 3 – Heavy Bench Day

Bench Press:  10xBar + 10×65 + 5×95 + 5x5x125
DB Bench Press:  3x10x30
BB Rows:  3x5x115
Chinups:  3/1.5/1.5
Seated DB Press:  3x10x35
Seated DB Curls:  10×25 + 8×25 + 4×25

Tried to keep rest times to a minimum, at most being 30 seconds.  Bench press was difficult, right arm was working harder.  DB bench press was pretty easy, kept the negative phase slow to avoid straining the rotator cuffs.  BB Rows were a little hard.  I haven’t performed them in a while.  First set of chinups were really easy.  Going to shoot for increasing by 1 rep for the following session.  Seated DB presses at 30lbs were really easy so I went up to 35.  35s were still fairly easy, will start with 35 then go to 40 next session.  Biceps fatigued really quickly after first set on the db curls.

5/3/1 – C3W3 – Deadlift

Deadlift:  5×105 + 5×135 + 3×160 + 5×200 + 3×230 + 6×255 (296.17 1RM)
BBB Squat 70%:  5×105 + 5×135 + 3×160 + 3x5x190

Seated DB Press:  3x10x35
Tricep Extensions:  15×40 + 15×45 + 10×55

And this work out concludes the 3-month Boring But Big challenge.  What next…?

Week 41 – 5/3/1 – Day 129

Cycle #4
Week 2 Day 1

Warm-up Press:  5×40, 3×50, 3×60
5/3/1 Press:
 5×70, 5×80, 5×90
DB Military Press:  4x12x25lb
Side Laterals:  4x12x10lb
Standing Barbell Curls:  4x12x30lb
Preacher Curls:  4x12x30lb

A little short for time today, but managed to get in all the accessories.  No cardio or conditioning to be had though which sucks.

Warm-up for the last 2 weeks has been consisting of 1 minute jump rope, dynamic upper body stretches such as arm crossovers and arm circles for upper body days.  1 minute jump rope, leg swings, fire hydrants, static lunge stretches for lower body days.  2 sets of these before doing any lifting.

May start doing box jumps again for further CNS jump starting, but definitely don’t want to throw my back out again, so I’m going to be extra cautious.

Presses weren’t too bad- managed to bang out the top set.  Stretched my wrists out a bit. Thinking retrospectively, I probably should do some wrist exercises warm-ups prior to pressing.  I focused on maintaining a good bar position in my hand to avoid hyperextending the wrists.  This usually happens as a direct result of form breakdown when pressing heavier weights.

Week 40 – 5/3/1 – Day 125

Cycle #4
Week 1 Day 1

5/3/1 Press:  3×65, 3×75, 3×85
DB Military Press:  4x12x25lb
Side Laterals:  4x12x10lb
Standing Barbell Curls:  4x12x30lb
Preacher Curls:  4x12x30lb

Last week was unintentional deload week.  So much for “skipping” it last week.  Again, struggling with getting myself up in the morning to hit the gym.  Lack of discipline, not eating right, sleeping too much.  Also, thinking of restarting Squats cold.  Left knee doesn’t seem like it’s getting any better and I think my form is going down the crapper from the gym-going inconsistency.

Week 39 – 5/3/1 – Day 124

Cycle #4
Week 1 Day 1

5/3/1 Press:  3×65, 3×75, 3×85
DB Military Press:  4x12x25lb
Side Laterals:  4x12x10lb
Standing Barbell Curls:  4x12x30lb
Preacher Curls:  4x12x30lb

Yep, skipped deload week for cycle 3.  Going to do another cycle of the bodybuilder template.  I think I’m making good progress on the lifts, bench, especially.  Although, I do think I’m slowing down on deadlifts because of the decrease in volume.

Week 38 – 5/3/1 – Day 121

Cycle #3
Week 3 Day 1

5/3/1 Press:  5×70, 3×80, 3×90
DB Military Press:  4x12x25lb
Side Laterals:  4x12x10lb
Barbell Curls:  4x12x30lb
Preacher Curls:  4x12x25lb
Conditioning:  15min. elliptical

Press felt a bit better than usual.  Slightly narrowed grip and engaged and tight lats throughout entire movement really helped with the “wobbliness” inherent in my pressing technique.  Also, tried to keep the forearms and elbow underneath the bar instead of to the side.