Starting Strength #28B

Weight: 224.9

Squats:  2x5xBar / 5×100 / 3×155 / 2×205 / 5×260 / 2x5x235

Press:   3x5xBar / 3×55 / 2×70 / 3x5x85

Lying Tricep Extensions: 12×45 / 12×45 / 8×45

Starting Strength #24B

Weight: 216.5

Squats:  2x5xBar / 5×100 / 3×150 / 2×200 / 3x5x250

Pretty grindy. This weight was the weight I used when I first started back-off sets.  Same cues that I need to work on. Sit back more. Going to try to widen stance a hair to see if I can improve the sitting back. I feel like with a narrow stance I’m ending up on my toes more than before. Also, coach pointed out that I need to make sure the safety pins are at the right marking.

Press:   3x5xBar / 3×65 / 2×70 / 3-5-5×85

I stupidly quit on the first set. I have a habit of doing pretty terribly on the first set on presses. Going to try again at 85lbs for the next pressing session.

Deadlift:  2×5×135 / 3×185 / 2×240 / 5×285

Deadlifts weren’t terrible, but they’re sucking the life out of me. Had to rest a few more seconds than usual for the last rep. Next session should be fun.

Starting Strength #14B

Haven’t had good sleep last couple of days (my fault). I’ve been staying up too late. Body didn’t feel fully recovered compared to Monday night session. I was sweating like a madman.

Weight: 213.1

Squats:  2x5xBar / 5×95 / 3×145 / 2×195 / 3x5x245 (275.7 1RM)

Warmup sets were pretty easy, weight moved fast, even the two-rep 80% training max. Work set is getting to a point where my brain starts to make think I won’t be able to finish my sets. I sucking lots of air on the last work set. Paused between fourth and fifth reps.  I told the coach I felt like I was using a lot of my quads, but assured me that it looked ok. He indicated that typically more of the quads are used when the lifter is on their toes.

Press:   2x5xBar / 3×60 / 2×70 / 3x5x87.5 (98.5 1RM)

Presses felt strong. Last work set was hard. Coach indicated that I was push pressing (bending the knees) to get the bar up. These definitely felt better than before. In the past, I would feel a pinched nerve as I pressed upwards.  The difference this time around is that I make sure to keep my forearm perpendicular to the bar instead of tucked inwards into my lats. This also prevented my shoulders from becoming more fatigued.

Deadlift:  2×5×95 / 3×155 / 2×195 / 5×285 (320.7 1RM)

I was able to get a good hook grip on the deadlift this time. It only hurt bad on the last rep of the workset. Coach indicated that I need to initiate the lift with a leg press first instead of lifting my chest first. The bar was moving away from the body.