Starting Strenth #18B

Weight: 218.5

Squats:  2x5xBar / 5×105 / 3×155 / 2×210 / 5×265 / 2x5x235

Press:   2x5xBar / 3×50 / 2×60 / 1×75 / 3x5x92.5

Deadlift:  2×5×135 / 3×195 / 2×255 / 5×305


Starting Strength #16B

Weight: 218.5

Squats:  2x5xBar / 5×100 / 3×150 / 2×200 / 5×255 / 2x5x230

Press:   2x5xBar / 3×60 / 2×75 / 3x5x90

Deadlift:  2×5×135 / 3×160 / 2×205 / 1×245 / 5×295


Starting Strength #14B

Haven’t had good sleep last couple of days (my fault). I’ve been staying up too late. Body didn’t feel fully recovered compared to Monday night session. I was sweating like a madman.

Weight: 213.1

Squats:  2x5xBar / 5×95 / 3×145 / 2×195 / 3x5x245 (275.7 1RM)

Warmup sets were pretty easy, weight moved fast, even the two-rep 80% training max. Work set is getting to a point where my brain starts to make think I won’t be able to finish my sets. I sucking lots of air on the last work set. Paused between fourth and fifth reps.  I told the coach I felt like I was using a lot of my quads, but assured me that it looked ok. He indicated that typically more of the quads are used when the lifter is on their toes.

Press:   2x5xBar / 3×60 / 2×70 / 3x5x87.5 (98.5 1RM)

Presses felt strong. Last work set was hard. Coach indicated that I was push pressing (bending the knees) to get the bar up. These definitely felt better than before. In the past, I would feel a pinched nerve as I pressed upwards.  The difference this time around is that I make sure to keep my forearm perpendicular to the bar instead of tucked inwards into my lats. This also prevented my shoulders from becoming more fatigued.

Deadlift:  2×5×95 / 3×155 / 2×195 / 5×285 (320.7 1RM)

I was able to get a good hook grip on the deadlift this time. It only hurt bad on the last rep of the workset. Coach indicated that I need to initiate the lift with a leg press first instead of lifting my chest first. The bar was moving away from the body.

Starting Strength #12B

Today was interesting.

Somehow I tweaked something in my lower back (right side) the night before unpacking my luggage from the weekend trip. I didn’t think much of it. Come the workout and my lower back feels like it’s very inflamed. Squatting just the bar without the belt felt very uncomfortable. It felt like there was a ton of pressure where I had tweaked my back. I couldn’t lift my right leg at all.

I consulted the coach and recommended I squat with the belt. To be honest, I was pretty skeptical it would help, but miraculously it made about 80% of the pain go away. I was able to work through the pain for all the lifts.

BUT, once I came home, I pretty much couldn’t walk or sit without feeling very uncomfortable. I lay down for the rest of the night after dinner. I’m hoping that it’s not a herniated disc and I don’t need surgery to remedy it.

Weight: 215.89

Squats:  3x5xBar / 3×90 / 3×140 / 2×185 / 3x5x235

It’s been a week since my last workout. These felt relatively quick, especially the earlier sets. These felt easier compared to the last workout. I was feeling pretty burnt out at the end of the previous workout. The week long rest was definitely much needed.

Press:   3x5xBar / 3×60 / 2×75 / 3-4-3×90

Stalled hard on these. Left arm felt like it was lagging behind the right. Coach indicated that I need to press the bar over my head and not away from the face. The moment arm is probably what was causing me to gas out since I didn’t get my head underneath the bar fast enough. Coach recommended I back off to 87.5 lbs and to go up in 2.5 lb increments.

Deadlift:  5×135 / 3×150 / 2×190 / 5×275

Deadlifts felt relatively easy. Used hook grip for all the sets. It is getting easier to use the hook grip; less pain overall. Coach indicated that my last rep of the top set, I was leaning forward a little. Cue to keep in mind is to stay off the toes and push legs through the floor.

SS – Week1 – Day2B

Wednesday, January 20th, 2016 – 36 deg F, sunny with a little wind

Jump Rope
Agile 8
Squats:  3×5@45 + 3@65 + 2@90 + 3×6@115
Press: 5@30 + 3@45 + 2@55 + 3×5@65
Power Clean: 5@45 + 3@50 + 2@60 + 5×3@75

Agile 8 was more strenuous today.  Foam rolling the IT bands were not pain free.  Body was achey.  Actually broke a sweat while doing the mountain climbers and groiners.

Squats were pretty solid.  I really focused on making sure my rear end and shoulders were going up in unison from the hole.  I realized this morning, half-awake, while my mind was wandering, that my lower back lordotic arch is not going to improve if I don’t also try to improve my back posture.  I have pretty long legs compared to my torso and so my natural back angle position in the hole is more horizontal than vertical.  When the weight gets heavy, I think I overcompensate for the forward lean by arching my back into lordosis to prevent me from falling forward.  However, I think this is not the solution.  I need to maintain a SLIGHT lordotic arch, and instead of hyperextending, focus on keeping my abdominal core super tight and cue’ing myself to drive my rear and shoulders up at the same time.

Squat TL;DR – tighten core when driving up from the hole; keep shoulder and hips moving up in unison

Top set of the presses were difficult.

Tired to write the rest.