Week 26 – 5/3/1 – Day 93

Cycle #7
Week 1 Day 4

5/3/1 Deadlift:  5×115, 5×135, 3×155 + 5×195, 5×225, 12×255 Rep PR

Unfortunately lost my nice little notepad to jot my workout weights on and wifi wasn’t working in the gym so I couldn’t pull up my numbers from the spreadsheet stored on my Google drive.  Thinking now, I think I would have wanted to get to 15 reps on the 255.  I definitely think I could have, but my form would most likely have been pretty terrible at that point.  Nonetheless, I still managed to get a rep PR.  The last time I lifted 255 was during the 2nd week of the 3rd cycle.  And numbers shows that I only pulled for 4 reps!  Pretty drastic improvement.  This lift is definitely my favorite right now because of pulling for such high volume and the fact that I know I won’t be stalling on it any time soon.

Aside from now incorporating high volume dips to get my shoulder strength and tricep strength up.  I’m also going to be incorporating more mid-section abdominal strengthening.  I found another nice article on overhead presses and specifically how to train the common weakpoints.  Also, the article mentioned performing bar hangs to help decompress the lumbar spine and increase my low back flexibility.  Sitting around for 8+ hours in the office, I think it’ll be beneficial incorporating these into my warm-ups and cooldowns.


Week 26 – 5/3/1 – Day 91

Cycle #7
Week 1 Day 2

Squat:  5×115, 3×135, 1×165 + 5×180, 5×205, 6×230

On cycle 2 squats.  Again, my legs were beaten up pretty good from missing out on the squat days last cycle.

BBB Squat:  2x10x135

Shoulders were coming up before knees.

Week 23 – 5/3/1 – Day 82

Cycle #6
Week 2 Day 2

Warm-up:  foam roll, leg swings, box jumps

I haven’t done the agile 8 in a while- I’ve only been foam rolling consistently.  I used the highest box there and it was pretty easy.  Did 3 sets of 5 reps.  My phone jumped out of my pocket twice.

Squat:  5×115, 3×135, 1×165 + 3×190, 3×215, 4×240

Decided to jump back to cycle 1 weights to get myself together.  Got good depth on all the reps.  Legs were feeling very jello-like by the end of the 215 set; they were tight and had that pumped feeling.  I had difficulties getting up from a chair that night.

BBB Squat:  5x10x135

Pretty easy first 2 sets.  Next 3 sets progressively became more taxing.  I was using my back to get the bar up in the latter reps- not in a bad good morning way, but my shoulder would go up before my hips would go up.  Partial good morning into a semi push press to exaggerate, but definitely nothing like that.

BB Accessories: 

35/25/19/18 – Situps:  Slowly developing some muscle endurance in the abs.

Week 22 – 5/3/1 – Day 80

Cycle #6
Week 1 Day 4

Warm-up:  leg swings, box jumps

Squat:  5×115, 3×135, 1×165 + 5×185, 5×210, 3×240

I cranked back my squats since I haven’t been consistent with them.  The top set was a real grinder, couldn’t believe it, but it was very difficult to get 3 reps off for sure.  I’m not sure where I want to go with squats as I’ve been very erratic with them.  I think I might switch the days up so that I do squats earlier in the week to avoid missing them.  Probably switching up deadlift day with squat day.

BB Assistance:

2x15x180 Leg Press:  Haven’t done leg presses for like over 2 years now.  These weren’t difficult in the manner of maximal effort, but rather endurance.
3×25 Sit-ups:  Not bad, pretty easy.  Probably going to add some lying leg raises or crunches to work the lower abs.


6min. Heavy Bag:  Just hitting the bags and working punching technique.  Gym was closing early so I didn’t do the 30-30-30 drill.  Left shoulder hurts a bit mainly in the anterior delt area.