5/3/1 – C4W1 – Deadlift

Deadlift:  5×115 + 5×135 + 3×165 + 5×180 + 5×205 + 7×230 (276.04 1RM)
BBB Squat 50%:  5×95 + 3×115 + 5x10x135

DB Row:  10×35 + 10×40 + 10×45
Chinup:  2
Lat Pulldown:  8×42.5 + 2x8x35

Today was pretty grueling.  Tried to maintain correct posture on the squats.  I’m noticing that I’m dropping the left side a bit.  Also the bar is creeping up causing my chest to cave in instead of being open.  Deadlifts were difficult today.  Was really focusing on form and technique.  A CSCS guy doing some shrugs complimented me on my form, woot!  No conditioning today, I was pretty spent after the session.  Legs were still pretty sore from the hill sprints and squats from Tuesday.  Pecs were also pretty sore from bench day.  The DB Flys definitely helped with engaging more pectoral muscles, woot again!

5/3/1 – C3W2 – Bench

Bench:  5×60 + 5×75 + 5×90 + 3×105+ 3×115 + 11×130 (180.06 1RM)
BBB Press 70%:  5x10x50

Seated DB Shoulder Press:  3x10x30
Lat Pull-down:  3x8x42.5
Dips:  5/5/4

Treadmill:  3.0 spd with 8lb kettlebell overhead

Pretty light day.  Dips were rough on the rotator cuffs.  A little shoulder impingement (hyperextension?) on the left cuff when I pressed up very quickly during bbb presses.  Did more shoulder work and did 3 sets of db shoulder presses.

5/3/1 – C3W1 – Press

Press:  5×30 + 5×40 + 5×45 + 5×50 + 5×55 + 10×65 (86.69 1RM)
BBB Bench 70%:  3x8x105
Chinups:  3xBW + 2xBW
Lat Pulldowns:  10×42.5 + 8×42.5 + 7×42.5
BB Curls:  10/8/7 x 40
Facepulls:  3x10x30
Dips:  8/5/4

Been a while.  Didn’t post up last week’s numbers (it was a rest week).  Struggled today across the board today on various lifts.  Tried to do some wide grip pull-ups today, but it was pretty difficult.

5/3/1 – C2W3 – Press + Squat

Press:  5×30 + 5×40 + 3×40 + 5×55 + 3×60 + 10×65 (86.69 1RM)
BBB Variable Grip Bench 60%:  10×65 + 5x10x85

Squat:  5×105 + 5×135 + 3×160 + 5×195 + 3×225 + 2×250 (257.15 1RM)
BBB Deadlift 60%:  5×95 + 3×135 + 5x10x160

Lat Pulldowns:  2x10x42.5
BB Curls:  2x10x40
Facepulls:  2x10x30
Dips:  5/5/5

Did some “catching up” today.  Missed presses yesterday so I added it before my main Squats lift.  Percentages all look like they’re going up gradually.  I was extremely surprised out how well I was able to deal with the Deadlift.  Felt like night and day between today’s BBB accessories vs last week’s.  I was able to get to the end of the 4th set before I started breathing pretty heavily.  The week long break, I’m sure, helped a bit on recovery.

One thing that I realized I need to improve is my shoulder flexibility and primarily my right (bad) shoulder.  Pulling back my shoulders and squeezing the shoulder blades together is rather painful on the right side.  I pretty much have to use high bar position to lessen the pain OR widen the grip.

5/3/1 – C1W4 – Press

Press:  5×30 + 2x5x40
BBB Bench:  5x8x70
Lat Pulldowns:  5x10x42.5
BB Curls:  3x10x40
Facepulls:  3x10x30
Dips:  8/6/4

Rest week for the cycle.  Not sure if I was supposed to crank down the accessories so I kept the same weights.  These were actually harder than the main movements.

5/3/1 – C1W3 – Press + Squat

Press:  5×20 + 5×30 + 3×40 + 3×45 + 3×55 + 7×60 (72 1RM)
BBB Bench:  5x10x70
BB Curls:  3x10x40
DB Rows:  3x10x35
Lat Pulldowns:  1x10x35

Squat:  5xBar + 5×105 + 5×135 + 3×155 + 5×195 + 3×220 + 2×245 (252.01 1RM)
BBB Deadlift:  5x10x135

Memorial Day Monday, missed my Press workout so I decided to combine my Monday and Tuesday (Press and Squat) sessions into one today.  Surprisingly enough, the workout flew by pretty quickly.  The presses were still pretty easy.  I hang cleaned the bar up to the racked position for pressing on each set.  I usually go thumbless on the Pressing so, it was a bit awkward going from with thumb to no thumb.  The bench is still not balanced, my right chest/arm is working harder than the left.  Tried varying the grip width by going wider, but still had the problem.

Quickly afterwards, I did a few accessories for the pressing as someone was in the squat rack.  After that, I went straight into the squats.  A quick 5 reps of empty bar and then 5×40%, 5×50% and 3×60% of my 90% of 1RM for warm-up.  Managed to crank out 2 reps on the top set even though I’m supposed to stop at 1.  No belt!  The deadlifts were definitely lighter than when I last did the BBB last week.  In addition, less fatigue, I was able to crank out all 5 sets of 10 at 135.

I’m starting to eat big again.  With all this volume, it’s no surprise that I’m much more inclined to eat everything in sight.

Week15 – Day42A – Le Tired

Weight:  190.1 lbs

Feeling very groggy and tired post workout session.  One observation to keep note of is that I stayed up until 2:00 am last night.  I did, however, manage to wake up feeling pretty fresh this morning, despite sleeping late.  My legs had been suffering a little DOMs from the Wednesday workout and so I foam rolled them during the warm-up.  On a recent post, I briefly mentioned my past personal experience with enduring through the phase of lifting significantly high percentages of my training max on a regular basis.  I believe I’m encountering this stage again.

Squats:  3x5xBar + 5×125+ 4×145 + 3×165 + 2×185 + 1×200 + 1×225 + 3×240 (1st stall) + 5×135

Succeeded in legitimately stalling on the squat for the first time since I started lifting this past October.

Bench:  3x10xBar + 5×65 + 3×85 + 2×105 + 1×125 + 5x5x145

Used a powerlifter arch to ensure that I kept a strong stable upperback while benching.  The first set was a little nerve wracking.  The placement of the bar was not at the base of my palm and so my wrists were buckling against the weight of the bar.  I narrowed my grip a little, placed my ring finger on the knurling and placed the bar at the base of my palms to avoid loading my wrists.  A narrower grip helped alleviate stress on my shoulders.

Rows:  5×85 + 3×105 + 1×135 + 3x5x150

Last set felt the best, minimized the upward jerk.  I will stick with 3 sets on the rows.

DB Incline:  10×50 + 8×50 + 6×50
Wide Lat Pulldown:  10×70 + 10×85 + 10×100
DB Bench:  3x10x40

Elbow planks:  45 sec.

The whole body was shaking a lot from the get go.

Week 21 – 5/3/1 – Day 74

Cycle #5
Week 4 Day 2

Deadlift:  5×115, 5×145, 5×175

Pretty easy.  Going to do empty bar warm-ups before these next deload to get warmed up.

BB Assistance:

10×45 + 10×55 + 10×65 + 10×75 – Good Mornings:  Pretty easy, the bar slips up sometimes when going down and hurts a bit when it gets to behind my neck.
4x10x70lb – Lat Pull-downs:  Would give this weight about 7/10 difficulty.
4x10x30 – DB Rows:  Felt pretty light.  I might go for 35 or 40 next time.
10/8/6 – Ab Wheel Roll Out:  My low back buckles once my core fails.  These…suck a lot, haha.  Need a stronger core- stronger core translates to improvements in every other lift especially the squat.