Week7 – Day16A – Ego

Weight:  ??
Duration:  12:09pm – 1:47pm ~ 1:38 min.

That ego.  Trying to impress a non-existent audience.

Squats:  3x5xBar + 5×85 + 3×105 + 3×115 + 5x5x135

Jumped to 135 lbs, 45 lb plates.  These got me breathing nice and deep, especially the last 2 sets.  Tweaked the right shoulder a bit when getting in position, so one of the sets was done in a bit of pain.  The bar placement felt a bit unbalanced at times.  Felt like I was working my left upper back more than my right upper back.

Bench:  3x5xBar + 5×65 + 5x5x85

These felt a bit inconsistent.  Still benching with right dominance, right arm is burning more and working harder.  More specifically, my right triceps are failing sooner.  Moreover, my right anterior delts are not liking these pressing movements at all.  It’s a bit bothersome.

Read into this article a bit to see if I could correct my technique:  Bench Pressing Cues

Rows:  5×655x5x100

These felt heavier in the later sets of the work weight.  Read in an article when perusing about for bench technique aid that the negative (lowering the weight) shouldn’t be just dropping the weight like in a deadlift.  The negative is just as important as the positive.  I’ll have to take note of this the next time I pull some rows.


Preacher BB Curls:  10×40
Incline DB Press:  10×30
Standing BB Curl:  10×40
Incline Bench Press:  5×65 + 5×85
Seated DB Curls:  10×25
DB Bench Press:  10×30

Second set of incline bench press nearly failed on last rep.  Right triceps were already spent from right dominant benching and the dumbbell bench pressing.

Just double checked the weights I was supposed to do today and…looks like I jumped a week ahead.  Explains a lot of things!

Week 34 – 5/3/1 – Day 113

Cycle #6
Week 3 Day 1

Warm-up Press:  5×30, 3×45, 3×55
5/3/1 Press:  
5×70, 3×80, 4×85
BBB Press:  5x10x45
Incline Bench Press:  10xBar, 2x10x65
Decline Bench Press:  10×55, 2x10x65
Core:  2xF Sit-ups
Conditioning:  15min. elliptical

Pressing wasn’t too bad.  Feel like I’m straining my right wrist- bar rolling back into my fingers.  Other than that, it felt pretty easy.  I think I need to try and exert myself more on the final, top set.  Did some more pressing afterwards, specifically, decline and incline benching.  I probably should invest more time in doing some more dipping…

Week 26 – 5/3/1 – Day 92

Cycle #7
Week 1 Day 3

Bench:  3x5xBar, 5×75, 5×95, 3×115 + 5×135, 3×135, 7×160 Rep PR

135s feel fairly light now.  Form was comfortable, no signs of tucking too much on the right side, etc.  Used a powerlifter arch on the top set.  First 5 reps were pretty solid.  6th was a semi grinder.  7th was all grind from halfway point up.  I tweaked my lower right back a bit when I was grinding it out.  Was scared that I may have given myself a hernia.  Need to make sure I drive my feet into the ground to avoid losing arch stability.

Dips:  15/7/6

Haven’t done these in a long, long time.  Decided to start doing them again because of the significant amount of strength carry over to the bench AND the overhead press.  Made sure to look straight ahead when I was dipping.  Kept my body pretty straight instead of bending slightly at the hips.  My goal is to get my strength up to 4 sets of 20 reps.  It’s my hope that once I reach this strength goal that my overhead pressing will have vastly improved from where I am right now.

Incline Bench Press:  5x10x65

Didn’t really know where I was going with my workout.  I was thinking along the lines of following Boring But Big assistances, but I didn’t want to be gassed by the time I got around to doing dips so I did those first.  Afterwards, I indulged a bit more and decided to do some light incline bench presses instead of regular flat bench.