Week 10 – Madcow5x5 – Day 26A


5 x 135
5 x 160
5 x 190
5 x 225

Been sick the entire weekend and still sick during the workout.  Getting my sweat on proved to clear up my nose.  It’s never disappointed in refreshing me and I think I actually feel better than before.  I missed last Friday’s workout and so I’ve sort of been thrown off my rhythm.  Squat is getting insanely heavy and I decided to knock it down and reset the entire lift.  I’m going for 275 again in 4 weeks time.  These were all too difficult, I performed a slight pause in the hole to get some stretch in on the earlier sets- I got to the gym late.


5 x 75
5 x 95
5 x 115
5 x 130
5 x 150

My bench felt extremely strong today.  Things of note that I made a point to remember:  shrug shoulders; perform 3 sets of empty barbell to get the form down;  grip width should accommodate a forearm position that is perpendicular to the ground when pressing; press a bit closer to the nipple rather than lowering the weight down to the upper stomach area; tighten the lats pre-press and maintain tightness all through out the rep.  I PL arched the last set because I didn’t have a spotter and I really wanted to finish all 5 sets.  I used thumbless grip on the first 2 sets.  I feel this helps me in getting accustomed to the feeling of the bar at the base of the palm.


5 x 75
5 x 95
5 x 115
5 x 135
5 x 150

These definitely felt heavy.  I’m definitely using some jerk on the movement now and notice that my chest goes up.  I think this is ok for now.  I’m going to try to minimize raising my chest as much as possible and keeping the form as strict as I can.

Week 25 – Day 69B

Relatively short workout.  I’ve decided yet again to do a force deload of volume down from 3×5 to 1×5.  I’m totally breaking out of the 3-stall-deload-2-deload-drop volume scheme, but I’ve been plateauing for a number of weeks now and I’d like to see more progress.  My weight hasn’t moved, but I’m fairly satisfied sitting at ~180-182.  Aesthetically, I think I’ve developed plenty of muscle size to let me start cutting back on the cals to lower body fat for better muscle definition.

For boxing, I think I have sufficient muscle to fight and so I will begin to incorporate more explosive and anaerobic exercises (maybe even lifts?  Power cleans?) in the coming weeks.  I still want my strength gains to continue going up for as long as I can manage it.  I’m definitely looking to build up my speed and endurance and most importantly core strength.

I think a good indicator of whether or not I’m recovering fast enough is if I’m capable of finishing a workout within an hour’s time which also includes accessory work.  Anything over indicates I’m resting more frequently and for longer periods of time thereby indicating I’m not recovery quickly enough anymore.


5 x Bar
5 x 155
3 x 175
2 x 195
5 x 220

Not too bad.  Knocked down volume to 1×5.  I want to get through my 240 plateau so, I think lowering the volume will help significantly with recovery times.  Hopefully, I won’t lose too much strength in the meantime.


5 x Bar
3 x 65
5 x 80

Felt pretty heavy.  I want to get to 115 lbs.  Also forced deload and knocked volume down to 1×5 on this lift.


5 x 185
3 x 205
2 x 225
5 x 240

Back was pretty stiff and sore after picking up weights after top work weight.  My Inzer 10mm Lever Belt came in today.  I think I’ll start using it next week, but some breaking into it is needed.  I’ve got the setting for it to be fairly tight.


4/3/2.5 x BW Pull-ups – Really difficult, my biceps were pretty sore still from boxing.

3 x 45 sec. Prone bridge – Second set was a doozy, abs were burning all over the place.

Week 19 – SL5x5.55B / FL.6

I ate an hour earlier and the pre-seasoned chicken I ate was extremely salty.  To top that off, I forgot to bring my nalgene water bottle.  I was pretty thirsty the entire time.  I don’t think the extra salt I ate helped me much, but my diet has been pretty crappy lately to begin with.

5 x 45
5 x 135
3 x 155
2 x 175
1 x 195
5/4/3 x 220

Pointed my toes outwards at roughly 30 degrees.  My left knee felt weird.  I think my wide stance combined with deteriorating lifting form is causing my knees to buckle inwards while my toes are pointed outwards causing a twisting effect on my knees.  I’ll have to make sure to shove my knees out and keep them shoved out to avoid this problem and to really improve upon my squat form.

5 x 45
3 x 55
2 x 65
3 x 5 x 77.5

Presses were pretty good.  I definitely know that when I hit my sticking point, it becomes extremely difficult for me to get past it if I’m fatigued.  If anything, I’d say that the two most developed muscle areas I have are my shoulders and legs, both from heavy squatting.  While I may not be pressing much, I know I’m doing a good amount of work on my shoulders when squatting.  I noticed that the reps were much easier when bouncing from the bottom.  If all I wanted to do was to lift my more weight I think I would continue utilizing this technique, but I think it would behoove me (Rippetoe’s word)  to control my press from the bottom to allow for more muscle recruitment from the lats.


5 x 175
3 x 205
2 x 235
5 x 260

I forced a deload on myself today.  My deadlift is pretty solid, but I’ve been feeling pretty crappy lately and I didn’t want to risk injuring myself going for 290 again.  Looking back on this in the future, I’ll probably think it was a silly mistake, but I have to listen to my body.  I was approached today by a personal trainer complimenting on seeing others doing deadlifts in the gym (the gym is a casual family gym; there aren’t too many heavy lifters around).  He suggested I try the sumo style deadlift.  I tried it for one rep on my top set and it was remarkably easier, but I already knew it would be easier.  For powerlifting it’s nice, but there’s definitely less involvement of the back.

HIIT – 7/4/8/4/7, 1 min. sprint, 1.5min. rest

Food Log

Meal #1a – 9:15 AM
16 oz. 2% milk + 1 scoop whey protein

Meal #1b – 10:30 AM
1/2 cup thick rolled oats

Meal #2 – 1:08 PM
Plate rice + 4 oz. beef + 6 oz. whole milk

Meal #3 – 7:30 PM
Half plate rice + 2 chicken drum sticks (salty) + 3 whole egg

Meal #4 – 11:30 PM
Half plate rice + 1 chicken drum stick