Week 21 – 5/3/1 – Day 73

Cycle #5
Week 4 Day 1

It’s deload week so workouts are quick and light.  Always enjoy deload week as I get to hone lift form and technique and do some reflection on the last month- kind of like grading myself.  I was also, however, contemplating about skipping the deload.  Sometimes, the monthly progression gets to me, “This is too damn slow, I want to be faster, stronger, bigger…now.”  And it can be difficult sometimes to dial myself back and to really appreciate that the “slow”, hard work I’m putting in now will be realized months and years from now and not tomorrow.  This is a daily constant reminder, not just in lifting, but in other aspects of everyday life.

5/3/1 Press:  5×45, 5×60, 5×70

Used a false grip.  Pretty easy- I played around with my grip width, pinky vs ring finger on the finger guide.

BB Assistance:

DB Military Press:  12x20lb + 12x15lb + 2x12x10lb
Barbell Curl:  12x40lb + 3x12x30lb
Side Laterals:  2x10x10lb
Rear Laterals:  2x10x10lb
Preacher Curl:  10x45lb + 3x10x25lb


3 min. 3.0 spd 10% incline
3 min. 2.5 spd 5% incline

Calves were still a bit sore from the past weekend’s hiking so I didn’t get to doing any sprints- probably should have to get the blood flowing.

Week 19 – 5/3/1 – Day 69 + Day 70

Cycle #5
Week 3 Day 4 + Week 4 Day 1

Falling a bit behind on the log.  Doing some catch-up.

Friday, 8/10 (Squat Day):  3×200, 3×230, 2×260 Rep Failure + 10/8/6/5 x 145

Up until that Friday, I had missed my previous 2 squat sessions.  It definitely took it’s toll as I had an extremely difficult time getting the 260 up with a belt on.  The Boring But Big set wasn’t any prettier.  Not sure if I should dial the weight back down or not.  1 step back, 2 steps forward?  We’ll see how the weight feels this coming Friday.

Monday, 8/13 (Press Day):  5×85, 3×100, 3×110 Rep PR + BBB Bench:  5x10x100 + Chin-ups:  6/4/4 + BBRows:  2x10x70lbs

I wasn’t too excited about doing presses yesterday.  I re-injured my right shoulder the past weekend and it wasn’t feeling wonderful.  I sucked it up and did the presses anyway.  Used a false grip and really engaged my lats.  I had read earlier in the day that using the lats as a shelf really helps with the lift and indeed it did.  The press definitely feels much better with a false grip compared to a regular grip- significantly less wrist strain which in turn provides a much more stable pressing foundation at the bottom of the lift.

Week 19 – 5/3/1 – Day 66

Cycle #5

Press:  5×45, 5×55, 3×70 + 3×80, 3×95, 2×105 

Used a regular grip on all sets including warm-up.  Seems like I’m a lot weaker when using regular grip.

BBB Press:  10/10/8/6/6

Really fatigued traps by this point.  I just felt like I didn’t have any gas at all.

BB Assistance:

DB Military Press – 4 x12 x 10lbs
Side Laterals/Rear Laterals – 2 x 2 x12 x 10lbs
Barbell Curls – 4 x12 x 20lbs
Preacher Curls – 4 x10 x 35lbs


2min. x 2.0 spd, 10% incline warm-up
2 x 1min. 5.0 spd, 10% incline sprint
6.0 spd + 7.0 spd + 8.0 spd x 1min. no incline
Cool down fast walk to 1mile

Week 18 – 5/3/1 – Day 65

Cycle #5

This past week has been pretty hectic with vacations and other obligations.  I missed my bench day and missed my squat day for the second time in a row (!!).  I think going to the gym in the AM is the solution to all these woes.

Deadlift:  5×115, 5×145, 3×175 + 3×205, 3×235, 8×265

The pull was pretty difficult today.  I think I may have used too much back and too little hamstrings and core as I got to the later reps.  I was too gassed by then.  It was a bit disappointing knowing I pulled 9×270 the previous week.

BBB Deadlift:  5x10x145

Pretty easy.  First two sets were a bit taxing, but the remaining sets were pretty easy.

Week 18 – 5/3/1 – Day 64

Cycle #5

Press:  3×80, 3×95, 6×105 Rep PR

These felt pretty good.  Used a false grip on first and second sets, regular grip on the last set.  I think it’s much easier to roll back the bar into the wrists with a regular grip.  Maintaining the bar at the base of my palm required a lot of forearm work.  Going back down, I made sure not to drop the weight- usually when I do this I end up losing my tight grip and having the bar roll back into my wrists.  Overall, pretty happy about the lift.  I’d really like to get it up to 10×105.

BBB Press:  5x10x60

Much easier than the previous press day.  Last press day I was all over the place.

Chin-ups:  6/4/3/3/3

The last couple of sets were grinders.  I did them right after doing a set of BBB press.

BB Assistance:

DB Military Press – 4 x12 x 10lbs
Side Laterals – 4 x12 x 10lbs
Barbell Curls – 4 x12 x 30lbs
Preacher Curls – 4 x10 x 35lbs

Performed some very light additional assistance work.

Week 17 – 5/3/1 – Day 63

Cycle #5

Bench:  3x5xBar + 5×115, 5×135, 10×150 Rep PR

Well snap.  I was pretty surprised at myself for cranking out that many.  The gains I’ve made on the bench seems too good to be true.  Driving my feet into the ground really helped stabilize my core and in turn keep my upper back rigid.  I think my form was pretty good- didn’t feel like my right or left side was working more than the other.  Having a solid arch really helped engage my upper back and lats as well.

Dips:  10/5/5/4 + Dumbbell Fly:  4x12x15lb + Tricep Pushdown:  5x20x25lb + Push-ups: 10/11/10/6

Bodybuilder style accessories.  The dips were pretty difficult- my triceps got gassed pretty quickly.


1mile 3.0spd @ 10% incline

Week 17 – 5/3/1 – Day 61

Cycle #5

Back from Florida after a week and I’m sufficiently burnt to a crisp.  Upper back, shoulders, upper chest were all still pretty tender today from the sunburn so stretching them out and just moving hurt a bit.

Press:  5×40, 5×50, 3×60 + 5×75, 5×85, 5×100

I fudged the 4th set and got stuck and expended too much energy on the latter reps.  I only got what I needed for the top set unfortunately.

BBB Press:  10/10/8/7/6 x 60

Actually did 10 sets accidentally- wasn’t really thinking.  I was wondering why I was so tired

Chin-ups:  6/4/3/3/3

These felt very strong.  I was pulling myself up really fast on the first rep.  I’m happy about this; this shows that I’m getting stronger.

Week 16 – 5/3/1 – Day 59

Cycle #4

Today was a pretty relaxing day.  Very light lifts.

Press:  5×45, 5×55, 5×65

Very light and relaxing.  Used a false grip.

BBB Press:  3x10x55

Got a bit of a burn on these reps.

Chin-ups:  5/4/4/4

Did these spread out even after the 5/3/1 and BBB presses.  Actually, also did some lat-pull down and bent over barbell rows here and there.  Tried to do some power cleans, but they ended up being very ugly- used a lot of my arm to pull and flip the bar.

Week 15 – 5/3/1 – Day 58

Cycle #4

Squat:  5×125, 5×155, 3×185 + 5×210, 3×240, 4×270

I was pretty disappointed that I couldn’t get 5 out of the top set.  I was actually going for more, but I couldn’t finish the 5th rep.

BBB Squat:  10/8/6/6/5 x 145

I didn’t use my belt on these sets.  I probably should have.  My legs were just dead after the 5/3/1.


10 x 10lb Weighted Situps
25 x 25lb Side Bends
10 x Lying Leg Raises


1 mile at 2.5 spd