Week 27 – Day 76B


2 x 5 x Bar
5 x 135
3 x 165
2 x 195
1 x 225
5 x 255 PR

Hit another PR.  I recorded all my lifts and from the looks of it, it seems like I’m reaching parallel on each rep.  15 more pounds and I’m going to hit the magic number:  1.5 x BW.


5 x Bar
5 x 65
5 x 90

Getting heavy.  Noticed that the reps were a bit easier when the load rested on my wrists (ouch!) rather than at the base of my hands.


5 x 155
3 x 185
2 x 215
5 x 240

Still fairly easy, form looked decent on the recorded video.  Used an underhand-overhand grip.  Made the lift much easier.  Made the extended lockout hold very painful.  The bar I was using already had pretty sharp knurling so the extra grip the chalk provided really made holding the bar pretty agonizing.


5/3/3 x BW x Pull-ups – A bit easier than the previous pull-up session.  Probably could have cranked another rep on the first or second set.

3 x 45 sec x Prone bridge – Didn’t burn as much.  Right shoulder was burning more than the left though.  Need to make sure I’m distributing my weight equally between each arm to avoid this.

4/7/4/8/4/7/4/8 1.5:1 HIIT – Pretty easy.  Using longer strides makes the work interval much easier.

New Squat Warm-up Stretch

Great video I found on the YouTube home page.  I’ll be incorporating these into my warm-up stretches.  Hopefully, this will remedy my lower back problems and correct my squat technique.

How to Quickly Improve Your Squat. Hip mobility. Nick Tumminello