Day 0: Greenlight

Today is the day.

Doctor’s given the green light for getting back to lifting the iron and swimming, BUT no pull-ups, or any overhead pressing movements or anything involving reaching behind me overhead.

Monday will be Day 1.  Here we go!

The Day

Close, but no cigar.

I’ve had 21 physical therapy sessions, 3 a week, so I’ve been in PT for approximately 7 weeks.  I still have a little bit to go.  My overhead shoulder flexion is at about 93% of full 180 degrees.  External rotation not quite a bit there as well.  My strength is at about 85%.

In summary, the doctor’s prescribed another month of pretty aggressive stretching.

Save the Date, 8.15.13

I’m nearing the end of my second phase of physical therapy (light strength training + aggressive ROM stretching).  I’ve still got some work to do to get FULL range of motion back in my shoulder flexion and external rotation.  Internal rotation is pretty back I would say 98%.  I still need another 6-8 degrees in my shoulder flexion.

As the title of the post says, my therapist is hoping that I will have full range back by the 15th of this month.  This leaves me 10 days left.  Those 10 days are going to fly by fast and I’m really determining that I get healthy completely by then.

Physical Therapy Phase 2

Time is flying by.  I’m starting my 2nd month of physical therapy.  The therapy will be more aggressive than my first month.  In other words, I’m going to be in a lot of pain most likely.  Right now, I can raise my arm just a tad bit more than 90 degrees from having them by my side without having to shrug my shoulders.

The physical therapist has assigned me some homework, woot, finally.  I’ve been waiting a long time for when I could start doing some strength and stretching exercises on my own.  There are 2 stretching exercises and 4 strengthening ones.  I’ll post some pics and/or videos of the specific exercises later.

Physical Therapy Day 1

So, first day of physical therapy.  Today was supposed to be just an evaluation, but the therapist was kind of enough to get me started on it, woot.

The actually therapy itself was really nice.  12 minutes with a warm-pack on my right shoulder.  Then, I got 10 minutes of a massage, apparently the upper back was a bit tight. This makes sense, since I’m using my upper back to compensate for my weak shoulder.  Afterwards, I was manually stretched by the therapist while I was lying down.  There were two stretches: one involved stretching my arm straight up towards my head at about 160 degrees, one involved laterally rotating my shoulder and raising the elbow, so that the palm of my hand was on my stomach, kind of like you would if you were rubbing your belly.  After this, I was given a cane and basically gripped it like I would bike handles, pronated grip.  I was instructed to raise the cane straight up from my chest so that my arms were perpendicular to my body.  I was then told to slowly bring the cane back and above my head up to the previous 160 degree location.  In addition to this, I was instructed to try and not use my right shoulder at all and to keep it limp.  About 10-15 reps of these were done and was instructed to do them throughout the day.  Afterwards, I was given a cold-pack for 10 minutes and sent home.

Post-Op Doctor’s Follow-up #2

Had my follow up doctor’s appointment after the 4 weeks in the sling.  Everything looked good apparently.  How they determine how well I’ve recovered, I have no clue.  I can’t raise my arm straight up yet.  I’ve been prescribed physical therapy for 4 weeks, 2 weeks less than what I had anticipated, so good definitely good news!  I’ll be back in effect hopefully by  June 24th assuming I start my PT next Monday, May 27, but I think I’m going to try and start earlier, perhaps tomorrow.  The last 4 weeks in the sling flew by pretty quickly.  I anticipate the next 4 weeks of PT will be a bit rockier.

Post-Op Day 33 Last Week

Last week of being in a sling.  Appointment next Thursday, so hopefully physical therapy starts then, but latest expecting to start PT is the following Monday, May 27th.

As far as my shoulder is concerned, mobility and range of motion has markedly improved from last posting.  Although, my range of motion is still definitely not 100%.  I can now lift my arm to about where it is parallel to the ground.  Any higher than that and it becomes very difficult.  I still can’t touch my chest with my palm; it’s sort of a test that I do every now and then to see where I’m at in terms of what I can and can’t do with the shoulder.  For some reason, I don’t have any sensation around my right anterior deltoid.  Just can’t feel anything even when I’m pinching it.