Starting Strength #19A

Weight: 218.5

Squats:  2x5xBar / 5×105 / 3×160 / 2×215 / 5×270 / 2x5x245

Need to make sure weight is on the midfoot. I was leaning forward a little on the earlier reps. Mental cue is to “sit back” and get “knees out” set early. Also need to make sure I don’t do such a slow and controlled eccentric descent, but also not bomb out to the bottom. Things to remember: “knees out”, “sit back”, “chin down”, “chest up”, “bounce”

Bench:   2x5xBar / 3×75 / 2×105 / 2×135 / 5×150 – 4×150 / 5×135

Arms fatigued out pretty hard on the second set. Switched to back-off set for the 3rd set. Again my right arm felt like it was pressing harder than my left. Need to self-correct this and make sure I focus on it during the warmups. Following bench sessions will now incorporate back-off sets.

Deadlift:  2×5×135 / 3×200 / 2×260 / 5×310

Switched back to hook grip. I did alternating grip the previous session, but it didn’t work out too well. The deadlift felt stronger today. Three plates next session!

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