Starting Strength #15A

It’s been…12 days since my last session. The laziness and hesitance to hit the gym was definitely wearing on me. Finally got my butt into the gym. It turned out to be a pretty great session!

Weight: 215.2

Squats:  2x5xBar / 5×100 / 3×150 / 2×200 / 2x5x250 / 5×225

First set was already tough on this. Rested for about 7 minutes after. Second set was a grinder. And per the coach’s suggestion, I did a back off set of 10% off the top weight so 250 – 25 = 225 lbs. For all the following squat in each session I’m going to be doing 1 set of the top weight then 2 back off sets of 10% subtracted off the top weight.

Bench:   2x5xBar / 3×70 / 2×95 / 3x5x140

These felt pretty good. It felt like I had good control of the bar. Coach indicated that I shouldn’t be bouncing the bar off the chest and instead just lightly touching it. He also noticed that I’m getting into the habit of pushing the bar away from chest (towards my feet) when I’m pressing the bar up. Cue to remember is to press the bar up towards the top of my head.

Deadlift:  2×5×135 / 3×185 / 2×245 / 5×290

Surprisingly pretty easy today. Coach indicated to make sure I don’t bounce the bar off the shins on the way up and keep the bar against them as I go up. Hook grip didn’t hurt much. I feel like it’s 50/50 with the hook grip.

Starting Strength #14B

Haven’t had good sleep last couple of days (my fault). I’ve been staying up too late. Body didn’t feel fully recovered compared to Monday night session. I was sweating like a madman.

Weight: 213.1

Squats:  2x5xBar / 5×95 / 3×145 / 2×195 / 3x5x245 (275.7 1RM)

Warmup sets were pretty easy, weight moved fast, even the two-rep 80% training max. Work set is getting to a point where my brain starts to make think I won’t be able to finish my sets. I sucking lots of air on the last work set. Paused between fourth and fifth reps.  I told the coach I felt like I was using a lot of my quads, but assured me that it looked ok. He indicated that typically more of the quads are used when the lifter is on their toes.

Press:   2x5xBar / 3×60 / 2×70 / 3x5x87.5 (98.5 1RM)

Presses felt strong. Last work set was hard. Coach indicated that I was push pressing (bending the knees) to get the bar up. These definitely felt better than before. In the past, I would feel a pinched nerve as I pressed upwards.  The difference this time around is that I make sure to keep my forearm perpendicular to the bar instead of tucked inwards into my lats. This also prevented my shoulders from becoming more fatigued.

Deadlift:  2×5×95 / 3×155 / 2×195 / 5×285 (320.7 1RM)

I was able to get a good hook grip on the deadlift this time. It only hurt bad on the last rep of the workset. Coach indicated that I need to initiate the lift with a leg press first instead of lifting my chest first. The bar was moving away from the body.

Starting Strength #13A

So it’s been a whole week since I injured my back. Strangely, it recovered fairly quickly. By the next day, I was mobile and able to get up and walk around. Setup an appointment with a doctor. I told my coach I was seeing a doctor and seemed a bit disappointed. I get where he’s coming from. I tweaked my back a couple years ago doing silly plyometric exercises and the doctor I saw back then told me to stop squatting. Suffice it to say, I’m probably going to get the same answer this time around. I’m more interested in seeing if I’ve actually herniated a disc which is a more serious injury. Given that I’ve recovered so quickly and don’t have any pain anymore, I’m thinking I probably don’t have a herniated disc. But…we’ll see.

Weight: 213.13

Squats:  3x5xBar / 5×95 / 3×140 / 2×190 / 3x5x240

First 2 sets weren’t too bad. I rested 6 minutes after the 1st set then 7 minutes after the second. Last set, last two reps were grinders. Bar still moved pretty quickly once I got past the sticking point.

Bench:   3x5xBar / 3×65 / 2×95 / 3x5x135

These felt strong today. It’s strange the second set always seems harder than the top set. Bar moved pretty fast for all three sets. Can’t complain.

Deadlift:  2×5×125 / 3×185 / 2×235 / 5×280

Top set felt pretty damn heavy today. I need to pay more attention to detail on properly setting the hook grip. Felt like I messed up the grip today and I definitely paid the price in pain. Coach said they looked good though so *shrug*.