If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It

I really wish I had taken a second thought about abandoning this blog for a self-made one.  I find that the inertia of life always manages to get the best of even the most disciplined people on  Earth.  Why?  Well, because we’re all human.

For me, if my memory is serving me well…  I decided to jump ship from this blog roughly 358 days ago because I wanted to create my own.  I certainly learned quite a bit building my own through GitHub Pages.  And looking at the blog, it looks like I was doing a pretty good job.

Until I stopped posting on the blog that is.

I believe that I stopped because I felt that I was not getting a ROI from the blog anymore.  My primary motivation was to create a blog.  I did that.  Ok…now what?


New year.  Time of reflection and appreciation.  New determinations.  And most of all, back to the grind.