I’m still here!

I’ve been fairly busy the last two weeks, but I am still alive and kicking!  Need to regroup and assess what long term goals will be more broadly.  I’ve been primarily focusing on improving strength since I’ve started weightlifting in college.  And while this is certainly a great thing, I do also feel that it is limiting.  Thinking on a broader sense, I’m slowly gravitating towards a more general idea of my developing overall health instead of just honing in on one thing.  This realization was really something of an epiphany during this last week when I consulted a coach and got a 1-on-1 lesson on olympic lifting and more specifically the snatch.  My flexibility was really lacking in the low back and my shoulders were very rigid and tight.  In addition, lately I’ve been noticing my shortness of breath when simply going up just 2 flights of stairs to get into my apartment.

Strength, alone, at this point, is not enough to sustain and improve my overall health.  I’m going to shift towards overall health and incorporate more heavily, conditioning / cardiovascular strength and even more so, flexibility and mobility.

This is the new era of change!

5/3/1 – C4W1 – Deadlift

Deadlift:  5×115 + 5×135 + 3×165 + 5×180 + 5×205 + 7×230 (276.04 1RM)
BBB Squat 50%:  5×95 + 3×115 + 5x10x135

DB Row:  10×35 + 10×40 + 10×45
Chinup:  2
Lat Pulldown:  8×42.5 + 2x8x35

Today was pretty grueling.  Tried to maintain correct posture on the squats.  I’m noticing that I’m dropping the left side a bit.  Also the bar is creeping up causing my chest to cave in instead of being open.  Deadlifts were difficult today.  Was really focusing on form and technique.  A CSCS guy doing some shrugs complimented me on my form, woot!  No conditioning today, I was pretty spent after the session.  Legs were still pretty sore from the hill sprints and squats from Tuesday.  Pecs were also pretty sore from bench day.  The DB Flys definitely helped with engaging more pectoral muscles, woot again!

5/3/1 – C4W1 – Bench

Weight:  184lbs

Bench:  5×65 + 5×75+ 3×95 + 5×100 + 5×115 + 13×130 (195.08 1RM)
BBB Press 50%:  3x10x55

Dips:  5xBW + 5xBW+5 + 5xBW+15
DB Bench:  3x8x35lb
DB Fly:  10×10 + 10×15 + 10×20
Pushups:  11/8/8/6

Cycling:  2.0 miles

Switching things up ever so slightly.  Still 5/3/1 and also still BBB 3-month challenge.  But, switching out some of the accessories for more bodybuilding style lifting.  I still get my BBB in, but I’m tweaking the additional accessories to tailor more of a bodybuilding template.

The tweaked additional accessories were pulled from the bodybuilding template here:  http://www.jimwendler.com/2012/09/531-and-bodybuilding/