Week2 – Day4 Light – Fast and Round

Weight:  182 lbs

Didn’t eat anything until after the workout.  Felt a slight lack of energy because of this, but I still managed to crank reps out.  In addition, Wednesday is also prescribed for light lifting so the session went by pretty quickly.  The deadlifts were not so light.  I tried to keep the bar close to the body, but not driving the bar into my shins.  I did not think to belt up for the top set because of it being light day.  BUT, presses and deadlifts are only worked once a week on Madcow so in actuality…it was not a light day for over head pressing and deadlifting.  Don’t think form was there on the top set, core probably couldn’t take the load and so I may have rounded a bit.  Sprinkled in a few sets of crunches in the end.

Squats:  5×115 + 5×145 + 5×175 + 5×175

Press:  5×45 + 5×45 + 5×65 + 5×65

Deadlift:  5×135 + 5×185 + 5×225 + 5×250

Crunches:  4×25