Week1 – Day1 Medium – Change Up

Weight:  183 lbs

Started on Madcow5x5 today after a week long rest.  I wanted to get to about the 6 month mark before switching over, but I decided against it.  While the workout-to-workout progressive loading is no longer the case with Madcow (week-to-week), the sessions do have a higher amount of volume.  No accessories done at the moment.  Most likely will sprinkle in a small amount for ab, posterior chain work and some weighted dips for weak chest and pull ups to offset it.

Squats:  5×115 + 5×145 + 5×175 + 5×200 + 5×230

Bench:  5×65 + 5×80 + 5×95 + 5×110 + 5×125

Rows:  5×75 + 5×90 + 5×110 + 5×125 + 5×145

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