Week20 – Day57B – Breakthrough

Weight: 181.3

Weekend was amazing- really got me hitting the ground running for the week, maybe even for the rest of the month!

Squats:  3x5xBar + 5×150 + 3×195 + 2×235 + 5×270

I abbreviated the warm-ups and it seems like it may have given me some extra gas in the tank to finish out the top set of 270.  This also meant that warm-up weights had bigger jumps from warm-up set to warm-up set.  No heavy grunting, tried to keep all the air in as much as possible to maintain rigidity in my core.  I think this also helped.

Press:  5xBar + 5x5x70

Wobbly, not really from the lack of shoulder pressing strength, but rather keeping the entire trunk and core solid to keep balance.  The press was still pretty difficult, however.

Deadlift:  5×135 + 3×175 + 2×205 + 1×235 + 5×275

Have to really make sure I’m not rolling the bar down my knees, especially the left knee cap.

Dips:  10/6