Week18 – Day51B – Back!

Weight: ??

It’s been about…a week and a half since being in the gym.  Getting acclimated to the new place and breaking my routine has cost me some gym time.  I should be back into the swing of things moving forward.  The time away from the gym was certainly refreshing.  It happened at a good time since I was planning on taking a light week to rest myself relatively soon anyway.  I dropped down 5lbs on the Squat from my last work weight, increased on the OHP- it’s still light- and stayed at 265 on the Deadlift.  I wanted to do some hill sprints right next to my building, but I was running short on time to get to work, so I skipped it.  

Squats:  3x5xBar + 5×150 + 3×175 + 2×195 + 1×225 + 2×255 (1)

Went for 255 on the top set, but managed a measly 2 reps.  It felt as though there was significant forward lean on the Squat.  Didn’t feel up to rep’ing anymore than the two.

Press:  5x5x55

Pretty easy still.  Wobbly.

Deadlift:  5×135 + 3×175 + 2×205 + 1×235 + 3×265 (1)

Grinding the shins pretty roughly on these.  I seem to be banging my left knee cap on the way down.

Dips:  10/6/5/4/5
Wide-Grip Pull-ups:  2/2/2/2/2

Pull-ups were a bit better, I went for 2 reps on each set.  The second was always not full ROM.  The dips weren’t bad, right chest was working a bit harder again.

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