Week17 – Day49B – OHP

Weight: 187.4lbs

Made the move to start doing over head presses today.  It was certainly very easy, but still worked the upper back on the contraction at the top of the lift.

Squats:  3x5xBar + 5×150 + 3×175 + 2×205 + 1×225 + 5×255

I was pretty intent on getting 5 reps on the top set.  No more stalling!  I primed myself to get the 5 reps and focused on getting there no matter what.  Whether or not my body responded to this priming or I’m actually just stronger or a bit of both, I’m not entirely sure.  In my mind, getting ready for the lift mentally is as much a factor as the actual movement itself.

Press:  5x5xBar

Did empty bar over head presses today.  Wobbly for sure.  Didn’t feel any bothersome pain at the top of the lift.

Deadlift:  5×135 + 3×175 + 2×205 + 1×235 + 5×265 (1)

Not sure how I feel about when I did these.  Used alternating grip.  Left hand pronated, right hand supinated.  I don’t think form was there.  Forgot to use mental cues to rip the bar off the ground and push my feet through the ground.  I’m going to mark this as a stall and do the same weight next time to see if I can pull with better form.

Dips:  8/5/5/3/4/2/3 (30)
Wide-Grip Pull-ups:  2/2/2/1/1/2 (10)

Went for 30 total reps on the dips and 10 total reps for the wide grip pull-ups.  Dips were a bit better.  Still using my right chest a bit more than my left.

Intervals 0.5:0.5 @ 3.0spd / 5.6-5.9 for ~6.00 minutes

Went for a run on the treadmill to do some intervals.

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