Week16 – Day44A – Dominant

Weight:  187.4 lbs

Not sure what’s going on, but my weight has dropped pretty quickly over the last 2 days since I started doing conditioning and curbing back a little on the caloric intake.  I was extremely irritable and had a huge headache this past Monday when I first started lowering my food intake.  I’ll have to make sure to slowly drop the intake instead of cutting back significantly.  This should give my body the means to progressively acclimate itself to the slightly restricted diet.

Squats:  3x5xBar + 5×135 + 3×155 + 2×175 + 1×205 + 1×225 + 5×245

Used the belt for the first time on the top set of squats.  The 245s felt super light.  The belt definitely helped with keeping my core extremely solid.  I will continue using the belt from here on out.  315 here we come!

Bench:  3x10xBar + 5×75 + 5×95 + 2×115 + 1×135 + 5/5/4/3/1 x 150

Stalled pretty hard on the bench press today.  I was benching right chest/arm dominant and so fatigue set in really quickly as my right arm/chest were working harder than my left.  Also had a bit of DOMs on the chest from the last session.

Rows:  5×135 + 3×135 + 2×135 + 3x5x155

Rows felt strong.  I was certainly lifting my torso a bit on the last reps of each set.  The first and second reps were usually executed with pretty strict form, no jerking.

Dips:  5/5/3
Pull-ups:  2/2/1

Chest was already pretty toast from the benching.  Surprisingly, the wide grip pull-ups felt easier than the chin-ups I was doing last session.  My right shoulder also felt much better than when doing chin-ups.

Treadmill: 10 minutes – alternating 30 sec. @ 2.8 spd / 30 sec. @ 5.5spd

Continued with some treadmill conditioning post workout.  Legs were a bit jello-like afterwards.  Left knee instability along with the jello legs made it pretty tough to remain standing, showering was a challenge!.  I think I will get on the stationary bike to help alleviate some hard impact on my knees.  Other than that, the intervals were pretty easy.  I was breathing well- not out of breath.

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