Week8 – Day21B – Bang Bang

Weight:  180.0 lbs
Duration:  ~1 hour

Drove out 40 minutes just to get into the gym.  2nd session for the week was on Thursday since it was Christmas on Wednesday, so decided to get my 3rd session in today.

Squats:  3x5xBar + 5×105 + 3×125 + 5x5x145

Pretty good today!  I think I’ve settled on a slightly higher than low bar position.  Forcing my shoulder into a painful position isn’t going to allow me to rack up the poundages.  I’ll cross that bridge once I get there, but for now…I’ll stick to what I’m doing and keep it consistent.

Seated Plate Raises:  3x10x25
Seated Lateral Raise:  3x8x10
Seated DB Shrug + Clean + Half Press:  3x8x10

I’m going to increase the plate raises to 35 lbs moving forward from here.  There’s no doubt that my shoulders have become stronger, but I need to increase poundages on these to continue milking the gains.

Deadlift:  5x135 + 3×155 + 1×175 + 5×195

Heavaaaay.  Banged up the shins real good on these.  I’m thinking I was probably rounding the back pretty hard on the last few reps or so.

Preacher BB Curls 10×40
Standing BB Curls 10×40
Seated DB Curls 8×30
Incline DB Press 10×30 + 5×35
DB Bench 10×30
Push-ups 10/5/4

Added some good ‘ole push-ups.