Week7 – Day17B – Twist & Ow

Weight:  181.2 lbs
Duration:  12:08 – 1:15 ~ 53min.

Squats:  3x5xBar + 5×55 + 3×75 + 2×95 + 5x5x125

Right shoulder wasn’t cooperating much again today.  The bar doesn’t seem balanced on my back, there is a slight “twist” in the way the bar is position as if I’m driving the bar forward more on one side than the other.  I can feel my right traps engaging more than my right.  Since my right shoulder isn’t as mobile, I’ve been resorting to having a slightly wider grip on the right side.  This relaxes my traps and rear delts, this could explain the twist.

Seated Plate Raises:  3x10x25
Seated Lateral Raise:  3x10x10
Seated DB Shrug + Clean + Half Press:  3x8x10

Not bad, went down to 10lbs today from 12 lbs.  There’s this strain that I get sometimes in the back of my neck when doing the lateral raises.  Should look up what’s going on.  I’m banking on it being bad form.

Deadlift:  5x115 + 3×135 + 1×155 + 5×175

I may need to get some pads on the plates, dropping the bar to the ground is really loud in the gym and I get the feeling one of the workers is going to come up to me and say something.  I think I was using a little of my lower back, but I don’t have much DOMs today from the deadlifts, just slight bruising on the shins.  This is definitely getting a bit heavy

Preacher BB Curls 10×40
Seated DB Curls 10×25
Tricep Extensions 10×40
Incline Bench 10xBar
Tricep Pushdown 10×40

Tricep pushdowns were fairly heavy, probably shouldn’t have done 40 lbs!