Week5 – Day12A

Squats:  3x5xBar + 5×65 + 3×75 + 3×85 + 5x5x100
Bench:  3x5xBar + 5x5x70
Rows:  5x5x85

Preacher EZ Bar Curls:  10×40
Tricep Pushdown:  20×30
Standing BB Curl:  10×30
Tricep Extensions:  10×30
Seated DB Curls:  10×20
Tricep Rope Pulldown:  10×25

Duration:  1 hour

Pretty good workout.  The lifts all felt light!  I was expecting the Squats to feel a bit heavier, but it was pretty easy peasy!  Bench wasn’t bad, got a case of the shakes in the arms under load.  Although, I’m not sure if my form is all there with the bench.  Rows were great, explosive and tight form.  The accessories were pretty good.  Thinking of subbing out some tricep isolation for some chest isolation on A day.  Did the overhead tricep extensions again today.  I think I’m feeling pretty confident with my shoulder so I’m going to hold on to these and keep doing them, making sure when I up the weight that I be careful.  Lowering the dumbbell back down did feel like my shoulder was a bit vulnerable.

4 thoughts on “Week5 – Day12A

    • Hey! I’m currently doing StrongLifts5x5 modified with some accessories that I shift around. I know in the earlier revisions of the program, Mehdi actually had also incorporated dips and pull-ups as the accessories after the core lifts, but I’m not sure if he’s since removed those. I can’t do either of those because I’m still rehab’ing my right shoulder from surgery last April.

      • all I can say is don’t be afraid to make changes to stronglifts. Stronglifts and starting strength are just variations of a 5×5 program. check out the post I made about clean and press and you will see what my routine is now. also, how did you hurt your shoulder?

      • Yeah, definitely! In my earlier days of doing StrongLifts, I pretty much stuck to the program to a T, but I’ve since jumped around and had some experience with other 5×5 variants (MadCow & 5/3/1) that are more lenient with accessories so I’ve sort of incorporated that into my current StrongLifts routine.

        I hurt my shoulder about…4 years ago in college while I was boxing. I tore my labrum, but didn’t get it fixed until this past April. It’s been 8 months now since the surgery so I’ve come a long way and I’m lifting now, but doctor still prescribed off limits to certain exercises that puts a lot of stress on the shoulder (dips, overhead pressing movements).

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