Week3 – Day7A

Squats:  3x5xBar + 3×65 + 5x5x75
Bench:  5x5x55
Rows:  5x5x70

Preacher Curls:  3x12x40
Incline DB Press:  3x10x20

Was feeling a bit gloomy this morning so I wasn’t feeling very motivated.  Forgot to bring my shorts!  But, luckily, I had a pair of pants I left in the trunk of my car from last Friday’s workout.  Gross? Maybe.  Did I get my workout done? Yes.  That’s all that matters.

Did my usual warm-ups, band work, leg swings, wall shoulder flexion.  I was resting about 15-20 seconds per set, so the lifts went by very quickly.  I’m encountering the same problem again with the Bench…*sigh*  Right shoulder/triceps were working harder than my left.  I feel like I’m tucking a lot more on my right arm compared to my left.  Rows were good, legs were burning a little.  I was playing around with direction I was pulling the bar towards my body.  I was pulling straight up or pulling slightly angled, sort of towards my stomach instead of straight up towards my upper chest.  Not sure really what’s the correct form, I’ll have to watch some YouTube videos.

Did some assistance isolation on the arms just because.  I’m going to do at least one isolation incline shoulder pressing movement every session just so I can hit my shoulders more since I’m not doing any straight up overhead pressing compound movements.  I’ll do one bicep, one tricep and one shoulder as assistance after the core lifts are done.  And also maybe 1 core…we’ll see how much time I’m taking.  As the compounds get heavier, I’m most likely going to have to budget more time for those and cut out the extra accessory stuff.