Week2 – Day5A

Squats:  5x5x65
Bench:  5x5x50
Rows:  5x5x65

Seated Plate Raise:  3x8x25
Seated Lateral Raise:  3x8x15
Seated DB Clean & Press:  3x8x15
Row Machine:  3x15x40

Warmed up with leg swings, static squat stretches and some wall walking shoulder stretches.  Today took a bit longer than Monday’s workout.   Squats felt very light and felt like my form was pretty on point.  Bench was pretty easy as well, did powerlifter style with high chest and squeezed shoulder blades and tucked elbows.  Rows were easy- I need to figure out what grip width I should be using.  I’ve always used a narrow stance and hand placement was a bit wider than this.

Out of curiousity, I did the  T-Nation “Shoulder Shocker”  routine after finding it just a bit before going to the gym.  I wanted to find an alternative to doing overhead presses and stumbled across the article.  The article bashes the overhead press pretty hard, providing some reasons as to why the overhead press isn’t the best in the shoulder health department.  I don’t know enough about my own shoulder anatomy to know whether or not overhead pressing is detrimental to my shoulder health.  But, for the purposes of making sure I don’t forget to get my shoulder work in, I think I’ll definitely be using this routine to help strengthen the shoulders.

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