Week2 – Day4B

Squats:  5xBar + 5×5×60
Incline Press:  5×55
Deadlift:  5×105

Got in and out of the gym in an hour of getting there (including the shower and getting dressed up!)  I can’t spend too much time out since I have to get back to work, but a solid hour of leaving and getting back to work including the driving to and from, is pretty awesome.  It took me roughly 5 minutes between each core lift.  I was resting maybe…15 seconds to 20 seconds the most between reps, so they were going by fast!

So in place of the overhead pressing movement, I decided to sub in the incline presses until I feel that I’m ready to get back to full on overhead pressing which probably won’t be for another month or two.  I will supplement the incline press with more upright seated rows and incline dumbbell presses, just so I can hit the shoulders still without going crazy.  I may also sprinkle in some heavy dumbbell rows for more upper back work.

I have to get my camera and start recording myself again.  I would really like to see where my form’s at with the lifts.  As of now, I’m doing a very wide with-thumb grip with the squat.  I’m also using high bar at the moment because the torque strain put on my shoulder using low bar is just giving me a really bad sharp pain inside my shoulder.