Week1 – Day2B

Squats:  5×5×50
Incline DB Press:  3x20x20
Tricep Pushdown:  3x15x40
Preacher Curls:  2x10x25 + 8×35
Deadlift:  5×95

Not a bad day.  I took a bit longer today because…I didn’t prepare and had no clue at all what to do in place of overhead presses.  Warmed up with some leg swings and static squat stretches.  I also did some band work for the right shoulder:  band pull-downs (blue), external lateral rotation (blue), internal lateral rotation (blue), rear deltoid raise (green).  I’ll have to do some research and figure out a circuit of band shoulder exercises I can do, probably before I head for the gym.  In addition, I will should probably look for some specific weighted shoulder exercises to strengthen the shoulder a bit more.


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