Physical Therapy Day 1

So, first day of physical therapy.  Today was supposed to be just an evaluation, but the therapist was kind of enough to get me started on it, woot.

The actually therapy itself was really nice.  12 minutes with a warm-pack on my right shoulder.  Then, I got 10 minutes of a massage, apparently the upper back was a bit tight. This makes sense, since I’m using my upper back to compensate for my weak shoulder.  Afterwards, I was manually stretched by the therapist while I was lying down.  There were two stretches: one involved stretching my arm straight up towards my head at about 160 degrees, one involved laterally rotating my shoulder and raising the elbow, so that the palm of my hand was on my stomach, kind of like you would if you were rubbing your belly.  After this, I was given a cane and basically gripped it like I would bike handles, pronated grip.  I was instructed to raise the cane straight up from my chest so that my arms were perpendicular to my body.  I was then told to slowly bring the cane back and above my head up to the previous 160 degree location.  In addition to this, I was instructed to try and not use my right shoulder at all and to keep it limp.  About 10-15 reps of these were done and was instructed to do them throughout the day.  Afterwards, I was given a cold-pack for 10 minutes and sent home.