Post-Op Day 21

The journal needs some love.  It’s been about 21 days since I’ve had my shoulder arthroscopic surgery.  Coming into the surgery, I actually had no clue what I had injured in my shoulder.  I was informed that I had two types of a ligament tear to my labrum, a SLAP (Superior Labrum from Anterior to Posterior for the medically savvy) tear and Bankart tear.  The severity of the damage to the ligament was fairly significant and I was told was most likely was due to the repeated dislocation of the shoulder causing more damage to the tear.  Lesson learned: if you hurt yourself, don’t wait, get it examined asap, no excuses.

Looking back retrospectively, I could have been healthy right now and probably lifting some serious weight had I decided to do the operation last year.  Upon examination of my knee, also, I was informed to possibly have a partial meniscus tear.  I need to some research with this and see if it needs to be done.

Assuming my physical therapy starts May 27th and the duration is 6 weeks.  I’m looking at July 8th as a theoretical date of return to some form of normalcy and possibly lifting again.