3 Month No Gym Journal

It’s been almost 3 weeks since having last been on a relatively consistent training.  I’m keeping an account of this experience recovering from the surgery and no lifting .  This is somewhat inspired from the guy who went on his “fit2fat2fit” campaign where he pretty much went for, I believe, 6 months of eating very poorly and doing 0 exercise and then switching back to eating well and exercising.  My variation is…fit2skinny2fit.  I’m expecting to drop down to 160-165 lbs.

I’ve mentioned in a previous post that I will be undergoing a shoulder arthroscopic surgery this coming Friday. This basically means I won’t be able to lift weights for a minimum of 3 months.  I’ve weighed myself a few times within the last week and have seen my weight as low as 176, down from 181.

I’m feeling especially groggy this morning, having that feeling of a warm invisible blanket over my entire body just beckoning me to go back to sleep.  Allergies are kicking up as well, left or right nostrils have been congested.

Week 46 – 5/3/1 – Day 142

Cycle #6
Week 1 Day 1

5/3/1 Press:  5×70, 5×85, 5×95
BBB Press:  10/6/5/4/6 x 55
Dips:  6/5/4 reps
Push-ups:  10/6 reps
Conditioning:  15min. 2.5spd @ 5% incline

Spring cleaning.  Dusting off some cobwebs and dust from the training log.  Finally got in a workout after a long absence from the gym.  Pressing was difficult, but, unusually, got 5 reps of 95 up without much grinding.  I was definitely leaning back a bit, but, nonetheless, I got the weight up.  Boring But Big was a whole different animal.  Strength, I’ve retained a decent amount of.  Strength endurance on the other hand I’ve lost quite a bit of.  And BBB did not fail to highlight that.  Did some bodyweight exercises to get some more work in.  Finished up the session with some incline treadmill Texas ranger walkin’.

Next Friday, I will be having my shoulder arthroscopic surgery.  This means I won’t be able to do any heavy lifting with the right arm for a number of weeks to months.  Recovery after the surgery is my utmost priority and so I will definitely be handling myself with care, making sure to avoid anything that would compromise the surgery done or prolong my recovery time.

With that said, looking ahead at the coming weeks and months, recovering and being away from the iron is going to suck tremendously.  While, I’ve been rather inconsistent the past month to two months, it definitely pains me to know that I’ll pretty much be starting over again from scratch once I’ve fully recovered.