Week 44 – 5/3/1 – Day 139

Cycle #5
Week 1 Day 3

Warm-up Bench:  5×70, 3×90, 3×105
5/3/1 Bench:  
5×115, 5×130, 7×150
BBB Bench:  2x10x85 + 3x8x85
Tricep Extensions:  1x12x35lb + 4x12x45lb

Pretty easy day.  Using right lats, and triceps more again.  Boring But Big sets felt really light.  I think the 2 month bodybuilder assistance isolation exercises contributed to overall increase in strength for bench.  I made the move to sprinkle in some hypertrophy due to the assistance being so easy.  I may or may not do this with the other core lifts, but I think I’m going to continue adding 1 or 2 post BBB hypertrophy exercises on the pressing days. Squats and deadlifts are fairly taxing on the body especially with the BBB sets so I think I’ll forgo any hypertrophy after those exercises.


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