Week 41 – 5/3/1 – Day 130

Cycle #4
Week 2 Day 2

Warm-up Squat:  5×100, 3×125, 3×150
5/3/1 Squat:  
3×160, 3×185, 3×210
Leg Press:  4x15x185lbs
Weighted Sit-ups:  4x25x10lb

Just realized that I did week 1 weights…  But, aside from that, I think I felt significantly better than last week’s squatting.  One thing I changed up was having a wider stance.  This prevented straining my lower back that I felt when I was squatting last week.  I also felt much stronger coming out of the hole.  There’s inherently a slight bit more forward lean because I’m sitting back more.  I actually felt my use of hip drive which I haven’t felt in a long while.  Last week, I noticed that my shoulders were going up faster than my butt, causing my knees to come forward and the weight to move from my heels to my toes.  Did not feel this way at all during this squat session.  Finally got it back!

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