Week 41 – 5/3/1 – Day 129

Cycle #4
Week 2 Day 1

Warm-up Press:  5×40, 3×50, 3×60
5/3/1 Press:
 5×70, 5×80, 5×90
DB Military Press:  4x12x25lb
Side Laterals:  4x12x10lb
Standing Barbell Curls:  4x12x30lb
Preacher Curls:  4x12x30lb

A little short for time today, but managed to get in all the accessories.  No cardio or conditioning to be had though which sucks.

Warm-up for the last 2 weeks has been consisting of 1 minute jump rope, dynamic upper body stretches such as arm crossovers and arm circles for upper body days.  1 minute jump rope, leg swings, fire hydrants, static lunge stretches for lower body days.  2 sets of these before doing any lifting.

May start doing box jumps again for further CNS jump starting, but definitely don’t want to throw my back out again, so I’m going to be extra cautious.

Presses weren’t too bad- managed to bang out the top set.  Stretched my wrists out a bit. Thinking retrospectively, I probably should do some wrist exercises warm-ups prior to pressing.  I focused on maintaining a good bar position in my hand to avoid hyperextending the wrists.  This usually happens as a direct result of form breakdown when pressing heavier weights.