Week 44 – 5/3/1 – Day 139

Cycle #5
Week 1 Day 3

Warm-up Bench:  5×70, 3×90, 3×105
5/3/1 Bench:  
5×115, 5×130, 7×150
BBB Bench:  2x10x85 + 3x8x85
Tricep Extensions:  1x12x35lb + 4x12x45lb

Pretty easy day.  Using right lats, and triceps more again.  Boring But Big sets felt really light.  I think the 2 month bodybuilder assistance isolation exercises contributed to overall increase in strength for bench.  I made the move to sprinkle in some hypertrophy due to the assistance being so easy.  I may or may not do this with the other core lifts, but I think I’m going to continue adding 1 or 2 post BBB hypertrophy exercises on the pressing days. Squats and deadlifts are fairly taxing on the body especially with the BBB sets so I think I’ll forgo any hypertrophy after those exercises.

Week 44 – 5/3/1 – Day 138

Cycle #5
Week 1 Day 2

Warm-up Squat:  5×100, 3×125, 3×150
5/3/1 Squat:  
5×165, 5×190, 5×215

No time for boring but big, but nonetheless, the top set was pretty brutal.  Only 5 reps of 215 and I was having a tremendous amount of difficulty.  Lack of volume training from the bodybuilder assistance scheme has definitely caused my strength to go down considerably.  That and the inconsistent squatting/deadlifting.  Other than that, the squats felt very good tight.  I kept my trap shelf very tight, avoiding the bar to move up on the way down.  In addition, I also tried to “snap” the bar over my upper back and this gave me a superbly stable shelf on my upper back.  This was also very taxing on me as I was essentially squeezing my lats, and entire upper back and traps really hard.

Week 43 – 5/3/1 – Day 136

Cycle #4
Week 4 Day 4

5/3/1 Squat:  5×100, 5×125, 5×150
5/3/1 Deadlift:  5×115, 5×140, 5×165
Leg Press:  15x155lbs, 3x15x185lbs
Weighted Sit-ups:  4x25x10lbs
Dumbbell Rows:  2x15x25lbs, 2x15x30lbs
Pull-ups:  4/4/3/2

Warmed up pretty thoroughly today.  Two sets of leg swings front to back, side to side.  Two sets of fire hydrants and warrior lunges.  Did a few cautious rounds of box jumping.  I noticed that the way I jumped determined if my back felt like it was “seperating”.  If I jumped from a standstill, it would bother my back.  If I prepped my jump by lowering my self a bit and engaging my legs, there was less back involvement- almost like I was jumping from my toes.