Week 40 – 5/3/1 – Day 125

Cycle #4
Week 1 Day 1

5/3/1 Press:  3×65, 3×75, 3×85
DB Military Press:  4x12x25lb
Side Laterals:  4x12x10lb
Standing Barbell Curls:  4x12x30lb
Preacher Curls:  4x12x30lb

Last week was unintentional deload week.  So much for “skipping” it last week.  Again, struggling with getting myself up in the morning to hit the gym.  Lack of discipline, not eating right, sleeping too much.  Also, thinking of restarting Squats cold.  Left knee doesn’t seem like it’s getting any better and I think my form is going down the crapper from the gym-going inconsistency.