Week 38 – 5/3/1 – Day 122

Cycle #3
Week 3 Day 2

Warm-up Squat:  5×95, 3×120, 3×140
5/3/1 Squat:  
5×185, 3×205, 3×230

Leg Press:  4x15x155lbs
Leg Curls:  2x10x20lbs (was not a fan of these)
Weighted Sit-ups:  4x25x5lb
Conditioning Treadmill Intervals (1min sprint : 1min rest)
2.5spd warm-up for 2min.
5.0spd + 5.5spd + 6.0 spd + 6.5 spd + 7.0 spd
3.0 to 2.5 spd cool-down for 3 min.

Squats weren’t as bad as before.  Didn’t feel as heavy and definitely didn’t feel as tired after the core sets were done with.  Did some leg accessories.  The leg pressing was fairly easy, but definitely burned my legs pretty well at only 155 lbs.  Leg curls were awkward and I wasn’t too fond of the feeling like my knee would just snap back the other way.  Did some treadmill sprints for conditioning.  About 2 months prior, a knee doctor I met with prescribed avoiding any impact based (running, jumping, etc.) activities and heavy squatting to see if my knee conditions were get better.  Can’t say they really have and so I decided to start with some intervals on the treadmill again- no incline yet.