Week 35 – 5/3/1 – Day 116

Cycle #6
Week 4 Day 1

Deload Press:  5×35, 5×45, 5×55
BBB Press:  5x10x45
Conditioning:  Interval Cycling 20min.

Accidentally did two extra sets on the BBB assistance.  Forgot deload week backed off on number of sets.  After cycling, I did a supuperset of chin-ups and sit-ups.  Did as many sets of chin-ups to complete 20 reps.  Time between chin-up sets were allocated to doing sit-ups to failure.  I’ll probably sprinkle some light high rep hypertrophy assistance exercises (1-3) after the BBB assistances if I’m not feeling too burnt out.

I’m going to start a bodybuilder assistance next cycle starting with some light sets for assistance during the deload week.  I’ll alternate between bodybuilding and strength each cycle.

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