Week 29 – 5/3/1 – Day 98

Cycle #5
Week 1 Day 1

First day back in the gym.  Couldn’t be any happier.  But, on that same token, I’m a bit saddened from getting a bit weaker with my almost 3 week long absence.  Warm-ups will be key with every work out.  No excuses.  If I manage to get in the gym late and don’t have much time, I’ll still make sure to do my warm-ups and just get the core lift done, no accessories.  Same thing with cooling down.

I’ve also dialed back my cycle to cycle 5 number to ensure I’m not starting too fast- even cycle 5 numbers seem a bit much.  I’ll definitely have to be very careful with the squat and deadlift as these lifts involve the lower back and posterior chain heavily.

5/3/1 Press:  5×55, 5×65, 5×75

Pretty easy.  Elbows flared out.  Leaned back a bit more and used a forward jerking movement to initiate the bar travel instead of doing the more traditional strict press from a standstill.

Dips:  8/6/5

Did these between my pressing sets.  Gotta do more of them.

Seated DB Press:  9x30lb + 8x25lb + 9x20lb

Shoulders were pretty beat by now.  Had a very, very tough time cranking these out.  A strong indicator of my loss of strength in the overhead pressing.

Conditioning:  0.5 mile 5.4 spd treadmill