Week 27 – 5/3/1 – Day 94

Cycle #7
Week 2 Day 1

Warm-up:  2×115 Deadlift + 2×115 Bent-over Barbell Rows + Foam roll

Warming up the lower back and getting some stretch in my spine.

5/3/1 Press:  3×90, 3×100, 3×115 Rep PR Overload Half Presses:  2x5x105 + 2x5x95

Tried to do the Tony Garcy method of pressing, but seemed to get stuck at the halfway point a lot of the times.  I couldn’t shift my body quick enough to get into the second bow position from the halfway point.  The speed at which this needs to be executed needs to be so quick to even get the benefit of performing the press in this way.  However, I did manage to get a third rep on the top set compared to my previous 2 rep max at 115 lbs.

Chin-ups:  6/4/3/3.5/3 + Dips:  17/9/6/5/6 + Seated DB Press:  10x30lb, 9x30lb, 8x30lb, 6x30lb

Normally do just boring but big and one assistance, but I was feeling ambitious for the workout.  I opted out of the 5×10 and focused on other assistance that I think would be better suited for me instead of just doing more presses for volume.  I’ll probably switch up every other week between doing Boring But Big and specific assistance training.

Lying Leg Raises:  15/10/10

Did some core work.  I’m planning on starting to do some more dynamic core exercises such as Turkish get-ups and overhead squatting to strengthen the mid-section a bit more.


1 mile 3.0 spd 5% incline