Week 23 – 5/3/1 – Day 83

Cycle #6
Week 2 Day 3

Bench:  3x5xBar + 5×75, 3×100, 1×115 + 3×125, 3×145, 5×165 Rep PR

Got to the gym late tonight so no one to spot me.  I decided to go ahead anyway and make an attempt on the top set.  Used a tight power lifter arch, took a deep breath and squeezed my shoulder blades together.  I would push my feet through the ground at the beginning of each rep to really keep a tight upper back.  Managed to bang out 5 reps which I was ecstatic about at the time.
From this point forward, I’m looking at pretty new poundage territory.  I’ve been consistently and slowly gaining on my bench numbers and it’s gotten to the point where next cycle’s first week poundages are PR numbers I broke just some few weeks ago.  It’s funny.  When I’m gaining and not stalling and everything is dandy, I don’t really notice how much weight I’m pressing or pulling.  But, when I’m really grinding that last rep out…only then do I realize how far I’ve actually come and what gains I’ve achieved to reach that point of 100% maximal effort.

BB Assistance:

DB Fly – 3x10x15lb:  Pretty easy.  Right shoulder bothered me on negative to positive phase of the lift.  Doing the exercise slower and with more control I think is key to making sure I don’t strain my shoulder.
Tricep Extension – 10x30lb + 10x35lb + 10x40lb:  Decided to do these in place of pushdowns.  I haven’t done them since I was doing Madcow about six to nine months ago.
DB Bench Press – 10x30lb + 2x10x35lb:  Not sure whether or not to tuck elbows or flare them out for these.
Dips – 8/4/4:  Always hard as hell with fatigue build up from the other exercises.