Week 19 – 5/3/1 – Day 67

Cycle #5

Deadlift:  5×115, 3×145, 1×180 + 3×205, 3×235, 10×265

Did much better this week’s pull.  Had an alternating grip with a dab of chalk.  I ripped a previously healing scab off with some additional skin on my left shin- fun.  Felt very little to no lower back strain- I kept my core rigid and my lower back tight to avoid rounding.  I had a side mirror to check my form.  It seems that my starting torso posture is a bit too horizontal to the floor.  Lowering my butt down and raising my chest at the start helped with avoiding the rounding and preemptively tightening the lower back and posterior chain.

BBB Deadlift:  5x10x145

Decided to perform these with no belt on.  Suffice to say, it was definitely a bit more difficult, but not terribly difficult.

BB Assistance:

4x10xBar – Good Mornings:  Having a high bar position with this exercise sort of makes it a bit painful on the neck
6/3/3/3/3xBW – Chin-ups:  Kept my body underneath the bar compared to pulling up away from the bar.
4x10xBar – Bent Over Rows:  Pretty easy.  Pulled explosively to my lower chest.


5min. 2.5spd

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