Week 18 – 5/3/1 – Day 64

Cycle #5

Press:  3×80, 3×95, 6×105 Rep PR

These felt pretty good.  Used a false grip on first and second sets, regular grip on the last set.  I think it’s much easier to roll back the bar into the wrists with a regular grip.  Maintaining the bar at the base of my palm required a lot of forearm work.  Going back down, I made sure not to drop the weight- usually when I do this I end up losing my tight grip and having the bar roll back into my wrists.  Overall, pretty happy about the lift.  I’d really like to get it up to 10×105.

BBB Press:  5x10x60

Much easier than the previous press day.  Last press day I was all over the place.

Chin-ups:  6/4/3/3/3

The last couple of sets were grinders.  I did them right after doing a set of BBB press.

BB Assistance:

DB Military Press – 4 x12 x 10lbs
Side Laterals – 4 x12 x 10lbs
Barbell Curls – 4 x12 x 30lbs
Preacher Curls – 4 x10 x 35lbs

Performed some very light additional assistance work.

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