Week 17 – 5/3/1 – Day 61

Cycle #5

Back from Florida after a week and I’m sufficiently burnt to a crisp.  Upper back, shoulders, upper chest were all still pretty tender today from the sunburn so stretching them out and just moving hurt a bit.

Press:  5×40, 5×50, 3×60 + 5×75, 5×85, 5×100

I fudged the 4th set and got stuck and expended too much energy on the latter reps.  I only got what I needed for the top set unfortunately.

BBB Press:  10/10/8/7/6 x 60

Actually did 10 sets accidentally- wasn’t really thinking.  I was wondering why I was so tired

Chin-ups:  6/4/3/3/3

These felt very strong.  I was pulling myself up really fast on the first rep.  I’m happy about this; this shows that I’m getting stronger.