Week 16 – 5/3/1 – Day 60

Cycle #4

Deadlift:  3×170, 3×205, 3×240, 2×275, 1×315, 1×345, 1×365 Rep PR

I went for single rep maxes today.  I really wanted to test and see if the numbers held true on the spreadsheet.  I broke my single rep maxes 3 times today- once for the 315 pull, once for the 345 pull and once for the 365 pull.  I would say that I did the 315 pull with exceptional form, the 345 with ok form and the 365 with pretty terrible form.  My lower back definitely feels strained today.  I obviously am still going to follow the 5/3/1 protocol as planned.  I am, however, incredibly happy I’m able to pull so much weight off the floor.  I think I’m going to have to adjust my 1 year goal to a 1 rep max of 405, hah.  Probably, getting ahead of myself here, but I’m determined to be victorious.


1 mile walk @ 2.5-3.0 spd

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