Week 16 – 5/3/1 – Day 59

Cycle #4

Today was a pretty relaxing day.  Very light lifts.

Press:  5×45, 5×55, 5×65

Very light and relaxing.  Used a false grip.

BBB Press:  3x10x55

Got a bit of a burn on these reps.

Chin-ups:  5/4/4/4

Did these spread out even after the 5/3/1 and BBB presses.  Actually, also did some lat-pull down and bent over barbell rows here and there.  Tried to do some power cleans, but they ended up being very ugly- used a lot of my arm to pull and flip the bar.

One Year Down, A Lifetime to Go

My lifting goals for May 2012 are:

Squat – 1 x 230

Bench – 1 x 185

Press – 1 x 135

Deadlift – 1 x 315

Row – 1 x 225

I typed these goals down a little over a year ago.  I weighed around a buck fifty and I was determined.  With my newly acquired free time, I became very excited thinking about all the uninterrupted lifting I could do.  All the progress and achievements I could accumulate from having a consistent workout regiment can finally be realized without having school get in the way.

Six months of StrongLifts netted me 2 plate squat and 1.5xBW squat as well as 30 pounds on my frame.  Another 3 grueling months of MadCow5x5 and I finally hopped on to Wendler’s 5/3/1 regiment.  Looking at my current numbers, I have theoretically achieved my Squat, Bench and Deadlift goals.  I’m really tempted to test my rep maxes this week.  I have never done single rep maxes and so I think I’m going to try and read up on preparing for it.

My lifting goals for May 2013:

Squat – 1×315

Bench – 1×225

Press – 1×145

Deadlift – 1×360

Looking at these goals right now, and comparing those numbers to what I’ve been lifting, it almost seems like I’m going from lifting pebbles to boulders.  Looking at the numbers makes me reminisce about the fear I had the first time I put 45lb plates on the bar for squatting or when I put 45lb plates on the bar for benching.  Very exciting.  My primary focus in this year’s lifting will be my bench and over head press.  These two lifts have lagged behind my squats and deadlift numbers since I started lifting and I am determined to hit these numbers in a year’s time.