Week 15 – 5/3/1 – Day 57

Cycle #4

Bench:  5×75, 5×95, 3×110 + 5×135, 3×145, 6×165 ?? Rep PR

The guy didn’t understand when I said “don’t help until I say so”, so I’m not sure if I would even want to count 6 reps on my own.  Used a PL arch to really dig my upper back into the bench and engage the lats.

BBB Bench:  5x10x85

I maintained a regular width false grip on all sets.  No load imbalances, felt very balanced.  Also tucked elbows.

Dips:  9/5/3/3 + Dumbbell Fly:  4x10x15lb + Tricep Pushdown:  4x20x20lb + Push-ups: 9/8/6/5

Used sort of a body-builder assistance on top of BBB bench.  I was feeling especially fresh so I did a tiny bit more work.


Treadmill 10% incline
2min. warm-up 2.5spd
2×5.5spd sprints
Walk remainder until 1 mile