Week 14 – 5/3/1 – Day 54

Cycle #4

Squat:  5×115, 5×140, 3×170 + 3×200, 3×225, 5×255 Rep PR

Got in the reps I wanted.  I really wanted 5 reps and my mind was set on getting it no matter what.  Preparing your mind and having the mindset of actualizing and achieving your goal, in my opinion, really motivates and helps you push you to your limits and beyond even if your body “thinks” otherwise.  I did the same thing the previous day with the bench.  I really focused on getting 8 reps and my body sort of acknowledged this and got me what I wanted.  Developing mental fortitude and an iron will is key to overcoming the impossible.

BBB Squat:  5x10x140

As always, these were deceptively difficult.  Ran at about a quarter left in the tank when I started these.  Pretty much close to, if not, empty once I reached the 8th rep of the last set.  The last two reps were a gift.  Squat days never fails to put me in my place.


10 x 10lb Weighted Situps
25 x 25lb Side Bends
10 x Lying Leg Raises

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