Week 14 – 5/3/1 – Day 53

Cycle #4

I got a bit fancy on the assistance.  I still did my BBB, but I’ve always wanted to include a bit more pressing to improve upon my bench.

Bench:  5×70, 5×85, 3×100 + 3×120, 3×135, 7×155 Rep PR

I actually got to 8 reps, but I pretty much stalled halfway up and spotter had to assist me up to re-rack.  Pretty happy I got to 7 reps on my own.  One thing I didn’t like was that when I was really struggling to get the bar up, I noticed that I was sort of trying to sort of press with my shoulders by shrugging and almost rolling my right side upward towards the bar.  I’ve addressed a number of times before that I think I’ve developed a minor “imbalance”, if you will, of my pressing due to my right arm / lats / upper back working a bit harder.  It’s fairly noticeable too- my right arm is actually burning while my left side feels unhindered.

BBB Bench:  5x10x85

Pretty easy.  I actually used some varying grips here- 2 sets of narrow, 1 regular, 2 wide.


2 x Wide Grip
4 x  Chin-up
2 x 10x35lb DB Row


2 x 10x25lb DB Incline Press
10 x 55lb BB Incline Press


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