Week 14 – 5/3/1 – Day 52

Cycle #4

I need to eat more.  I’ve been resorting to only 4 eatages a day (eatages? dunno).  Some of which I’m not even finishing.

Deadlift:  5×115, 5×140, 3×170 + 3×200, 3×230, 8×260 Rep PR

I was a bit wary going into the lift.  The back of my head was telling me that I was probably going to do worse than wk1 considering the increase in weight.  NOPE.  I actually matched wk1 rep numbers; I was very happy about that.  I’m pretty psyched that my theoretical calculated 1 rep max is at 322.82.  I’ll be that much more psyched when I actually get to pull that.  I’d eventually like to get that number to 360.  Double bodyweight deadlift is definitely an achievement milestone for me.

BBB Deadlift:  5x10x145

Used the belt on all the sets.  Was much easier than the previous BBB deadlift session.


10 x 10lb Weighted Situps
15 x Ab Wheel Rollouts
25 x 25lb Side Bends
5×10 x Lying Leg Raises