Week 13 – 5/3/1 – Day 50

Cycle #4

Today’s Monday.  Three days since this workout and my legs are still sore.

Squat:  5×115, 5×140, 3×170 + 5×185, 5×210, 6×240

The work sets felt fairly heavy, I think I may have gotten myself a bit winded from the warm-up sets.  I really wanted to do much more on the last set, but I just couldn’t crank out any more.

BBB Squat:  10-8-6-7-8×140

Pretty ridiculous.  This may as well have been a marathon run from the way my legs felt and how hard I was breathing after finishing each set.  I rested a bit longer for the latter two sets so I could do each set better than the last.

Ab Work:  

25 25lb Side Bends
15 Ab Wheel Roll Outs
10 10lb Weighted Situps


10% incline
2min. warm-up 2.5spd
4x1min. sprint 5spd

These were pretty nightmarish after the squat workout.  Shirt was soaked after the workout.