Week 11 – 5/3/1 – Day 42

Cycle #3

Squat:  5×110, 5×140, 3×165 + 5×210, 3×235, 3×265

These felt pretty good.  It’s hard to say if I’ve gotten stronger comparatively since I was last at this percentage of my training max during Stronglift’s 1×5 and MadCow.

Boring But Big 70%

Deadlift:  8/7/5/4/7 x 195

Earlier sets used more lower back, so I adjusted accordingly.  The long business socks aren’t really doing it for me.  It actually makes it a bit more difficult since the knurling cling on to the socks more than if I just pulled with bare shins.

Hanging Knee Raise: 10/7/6/4/4

First set was easy.  As usual, I avoided swinging too much.  The latter sets were definitely a bit harder.  My lower abs were beaten pretty well.  I’d like to try doing leg raises eventually once I’m strong enough.


10% incline
3 min. 2.5 spd warm-up
2 x 1 min. 5.0 spd / 1 min. 3.0 spd